Essential Oils We Use

No doubt by now you have read at least one of my blog posts or watched one of my vlogs on how we harness the power of nature in our healthcare by using essential oils for, well, pretty much everything! So here is the low-down on what we use, how and why!

If I use it on my kids, it has to be the best

No, I am not a snobby mum. But why would I want to put crap on my children that a) might harm them, b) won’t work (more on this in a min), or c) is a waste of money? That is why the brand of essential oils you use is important. Dr Robert Pappas regularly tests essential oils for their purity, potency and to see if there are any synthetic markers. I have been completely shocked to see bottles of oils labelled with one species of oil, and contain a completely different species… or even worse, bottles that say they are ‘100% pure’ when they are, in fact, ‘100% crap (aka synthetic)’. When I buy something for my health, I want it to work. End of.

How do you know that an essential oil is top quality?

Well, quite simply, through the tests that are available.

Does every essential oil company test their oils? No. A lot do, though. But not every batch. Some might test every year, or couple of years. Some might only test when they first receive a batch from a supplier, and that is it. Then, Dr Pappas comes along, tests their oils and finds out that since that initial testing, they have been misled to believe they are getting the same oil when it is a completely different one! OK, so that is in a couple of cases, but that is a couple too many. Often, companies don’t test their oils because actually, they are synthetic oils, only useful to smell nice, and with absolutely no therapeutic properties at all.

And then, there are a lot of other factors to add in to the mix. One being the actual chemistry – the purity AND potency of the oil, what proportions of molecules exist in the oil, and is it, despite being genuinely 100% pure, still poor quality? Or does it have all the molecules in the proportions expected so that if you use it for what you read in a book you can use it for, it will not only do the job, but do it really well?

A lot of factors can affect the quality of an essential oil. Much like wine is affected depending on the climate, soil, growing conditions, time of harvest, environmental threats posed to the vines, so does the quality of an essential oil depend on these things, the maturity of the plant when harvested, and also the use of pesticides and any artificial or not indigenously available ‘threat’ to that plant can mean that the plant does not produce the right amount or quality of oil. Essential oils form a part of the immune system of the plant, and if that immune system is not exposed to the right issues, then it won’t produce the best oil. So, in short, if you force a plant to grow on a farm in a climate where that plant does not grow naturally, you won’t get the best essential oils.

So it seems I have learned a lot in 2 years about essential oils! The science behind it all has gripped me with much more interest than I ever possessed learning about botany and chemistry at school, and while for some it is the vibration and spiritual healing powers essential oils possess that leads them down this path, for me, my interest is purely driven by the science that I am always learning, and I have become so passionate about using essential oils for physical health, for emotional health, for supporting our hormones, for pain management, detoxification and in place of toxin-laden products, and so much more. I actually hold classes in my home for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils too, so I can tell them what I have learned, and actually I am now earning money from doing that each month, not only to pay for the copious amounts of oils and other natural products we consume, but also to provide my family with a consistent income that boosts our income from other sources, and we are loving it.

So, why doTERRA?

doTERRA first and foremost is a science company. It tests every batch of its oils, with 15 tests and 3 rounds of testing, and chemistry is mega-important. They partner with medical professionals, scientists and aromacologists from all over the world to bring some of the best essential oils to the market, and they do it in a really ethical, moral way, with honest and integrity, and well, that sits good with me. They partner with and pay, distillers and growers, on time, and the going rates, cutting out the middlemen who used to defraud these people, many from developing countries, not only of their well-earned and well-deserved income, but also of their dignity and their pride, and in some cases, the very livelihood that brought them together. doTERRA forms cooperatives and working groups with communities that have produced essential oils for centuries, and they work with them (and reward them) to grow and distill the best quality oils, so that when someone purchases an oil from them, they know it will work. Again, that integrity shining through.

Sustainability is important, and they would rather not have an oil available for months (or even years) to make sure they get a crop that is sustainable and top quality at the same time. In fact, Melissa and Roman Chamomile crops were greatly affected by the weather a couple of years ago, and doTERRA have only just started stocking them again. And the Frankincense that is sourced from Somalia is extracted from trees that have been overharvested in the past, so doTERRA is paying the growers to rest the trees for a year or so, as they have enough oil for the forseeable future, and they would rather continue to get a better oil having rested the trees than put undue market pressure on the growers to continue harvesting the resin because of the market demands. And because 84% of doTERRA’s suppliers are exclusive to doTERRA, the growers in Somaliland can do that with no pressure from any other company.

How I purchase my oils

I, along with 4 million other people on the planet, have a wholesale membership with doTERRA. So all the products I get are 25% off retail price, which is good because we use them a lot! I do get referral payments for helping other people set up their own wholesale account, and I also offer regular essential oil education too in my Facebook group. These referral fees help me to stay at home with my lovely kids, to learn with them, to laugh with them, to cry with them and to travel with them, bringing nature in to our homes and hearts, and I feel so truly blessed to be on this journey. If you do want to get your own wholesale account, just let me know by email and I can get you started too.