We are big fans of Lime essential oil. It’s just such a scrummy smell and so summery and a really happy oil. You know that smell when you peel a lime? Where the zest just bursts with aroma? Yep, that’s the essential oil that is released, so maybe you can start picturing how zingy Lime essential oil is… And I am excited that this month thanks to the loyalty programme we are in we will actually get a 15ml bottle for free with our order!

So this week’s essential oil focus will be on Lime and the top 10 ways we use it for our family…

1. Key Lime Pie Parfait

Oh how we love this yummy dessert! I love using essential oils in cooking (I only use oils that I know are safe to use as flavourings and doTERRA’s Lime is registered as a flavouring with the Food Standards Agency)… Using oils to add flavour is great because even one drop is so strong, so it’s cost effective at pennies per recipe and easy to use oils you have at hand… If you want to check this out for yourself, here is the recipe.

2. Energising Diffuser Blend

There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of citrus and mint! I use a drop of Lime, Wild Orange, Peppermint and Frankincense in the diffuser to supercharge my mornings!

3. Grease, grime and sticky stuff

Just like Lemon oil, Lime is great at getting grease and grime out of things and has been great at getting rid of that annoying sticky residue we find after the children have stuck stickers everywhere!

4. Lime Fruit Dip

This one is so simple… just add one drop of Lime to a small bowl of your favourite Greek yogurt and dip away! Kid approved!

5. Making Sugar Scrubs

I love making sugar scrubs and showing other people how easy it is to do. You basically need coconut oil (solid, but softened), fractionated coconut oil, sugar and essential oils as a standard recipe and I store in glass jars. Citrus oils like Lime are great to “flavour” an invigorating scrub that is good enough to eat! A warming and invigorating scrub I like is a Ginger Lime Brown Sugar Scrub.

6. Raspberry Limeade 

Definitely a(nother) favourite here, especially on hot summer days and at BBQs! Partnering the health benefits of raspberries, honey and lime! Sounds like a great excuse for a trip to a Pick Your Own farm and a local beekeeper to get the ingredients for this one (or the supermarket, but that’s not quite as fun!) Check out the 7-ingredient recipe I posted yesterday for Raspberry Limeade here.

7. Cranberry & Lime Spritzer

Time for a more sophisticated drink for all the family! Only 4 ingredients for this one! Just fill a glass with ice, pour some sparkling water (or lemon-lime soda) in half way, top up with cranberry juice and add one drop of Lime essential oil. Stir and drink this great thirst-quenching non-alcoholic drink! Simple!

8. Lime water

For a great way to cleanse your system, add flavour and provide great antioxidant and immune system support, just add a drop of Lime to your water for a refreshing, sweet flavour. Make sure if you are adding it to a water bottle that the bottle is glass (the oil breaks down petrochemicals in plastic, which is great for helping our bodies detox but we don’t want to out extra toxins in).

9. Purify your skin and hair!

I love to add a couple of drops of Lime to my cleanser or shampoo to help clean and purify my skin and hair. Just add the drops to the shampoo in your hand, or use a little ramekin or glass bowl to put your cleanser with Lime oil in and apply normally, avoiding your eyes. (If any does get in your eyes rinse with coconut oil or other seed-based oil (e.g. olive oil), not water.)

10. Use it everywhere!

OK, I admit I am a bit addicted, and use Lime everywhere around the house (and on my air freshener in the car too!). Using essential oils in a room spray like the Spring Fling Room Spray which is so easy to make yourself is another great way of getting those zingy aromas everywhere! It is simple to make – just add 20 drops each of Lime, Lemon and Grapefruit essential oils in a glass spray bottle (I get mine here – not an affiliate link, just a friend’s business). Top up with distilled water, shake before use and spray in your room for instant tangy freshness any day!

Have I excited you about Lime essential oil? It is definitely a favourite for all of us and if you would like to get some for yourself, just contact me and I can help you do that. If you have a wholesale account with doTERRA like we do, you get this for free as the Product of the Month – yay!

Please share with me your favourite ways of using Lime essential oil, or even the fruit, because I can’t get enough of this stuff!