Yep… that’s right, I am a hippy oily mama! Well actually, no, not a hippy at all, but I am sure many people think that I am because for the past 2 years, my family and I have increasingly turned to essential oils for a whole bunch of things, including managing minor ailments at home, green cleaning, helping with separation anxiety and other emotions, and, well, for pretty much everything!

Why essential oils?

When Addie was 2, she started nursery. It was bad timing. I had just had Bear, and she developed severe separation anxiety that just wouldn’t quit. Having worked in a nursery environment, I thought I knew only too well how to handle it… drop her at the door, having said our goodbyes in the car, and turn around and leave the staff to take her in. In theory it is supposed to work, and it worked with all the many children I have seen cheer up immediately and then proceed to start crying again just as their parent came to collect them!

But, as has been the case often… Addie has chosen to be different (and I love her for that difference) and she used to suffer greatly every day of the week with extreme anxiety, and even now it still creeps in from time to time…

When I heard that another homeschooling mum in the US had used essential oils successfully with her son who was 6 and had loads of social anxiety, it threw me back 18 years to when I had had a brief fling with oils and how they had helped several people I knew, so I went in search of them here in the UK.

And within weeks of using them (I used them on me first), we had a completely different child. Not only that, but Bear was not getting ill so much, and his immune system had started to improve, it seemed.

So we continued to explore the world of oils, and I will be sharing some of the ways we use them as part of this blog. And now my children can recognise when they experience anxious feelings and they have their own rollerball blend they can use whenever they need to!

Why am I including essential oils in this blog?

Well, (good quality) essential oils come directly from plants – they come from the roots, stems, leaves, bark, flowers, seeds etc of plants, so there really isn’t much closer to nature that you can get! And this blog is all about how we can partner with nature in all aspects of our lives, including our health and in our homes. So I invite you to start delving in to this wonderful world with us as we bring more and more nature back in, and throw the artificial out!

You can find out about the brand of essential oils I chose to use here.