It’s that time of year for many families when children are getting ready to go back to school. For our home educating family, going back to school is a little different, because we don’t really stop over the summer, although August is a bit of a slowing down month. However, all our group activities start up again in September so we still need to get prepared for that.

But for those of you with children going to school, here are a couple of great ideas and then I will share what we use for keeping healthy naturally when school starts back!

Eco Uniforms
We have Bear who has very sensitive skin and allergies, and wearing cotton really helps his skin. But have you noticed that school uniforms tend to be made of polyester, or polycotton? Obviously we don’t need uniforms, but I have found out that two mums, Marina and Irina, were not happy that natural alternatives weren’t availlable, and so they have set up EcoOutfitters so you can send your children off to school in 100% pure organic cotton school uniforms. They have pinafores, shirts, trousers, PE kits, socks and tights, and much more! Check out EcoOutfitters here.

Litterless lunches
While I was looking at the uniforms on EcoOutfitters, I also saw that they have some organic cotton lunch bags, and reusable Kozy Wrap. If you fancy a different design, the eco-friendly living site Spirit of Nature has some recycled lunch bags in several designs which are currently on sale with a 20% discount, and they also stock reusable food baggies from Keep Leaf which are a great alternative to plastic wrapping.

As you know, we choose to take a plant-based approach to our health using essential oils and other natural products from our preferred brand, doTERRA, so here are a few of the things that we use to help when we start learning again after our August ‘slow down’!

Nutritional Foundation
Getting a solid nutritional foundation is important for keeping well, especially when children are thrown back into large groups. Addie and Bear take an A2Z Chewable every day with their breakfast. This watermelon-flavoured multivitamin and mineral supplement also has a superfood complex that contains pomegranate, spiralina, rice bran, broccoli, and cranberry in it! They also take IQ Mega which contains essential fatty acids for brain support, and they fight me for their daily PB Assist Jr, which is a probiotic powder that tastes like sherbert (no wonder they love it!).

Immune support
To add to their natural defences, we use the OnGuard Protective Blend Touch rollerball which is pre-diluted for safe use with children. This helps to support their immune systems, and helps them to fight off any germs, especially over the winter months.

I love to diffuse Lemongrass, Rosemary and Wild Orange essential oils (and sometimes add Frankincense in there too) when we are trying to concentrate. Another great blend for focussing is the InTune blend that has Frankincense, Lime, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Amyris, Patchouli, Roman Chamoile, and Ylang Ylang in it to help promote clarity, focus and calm.

Destress, Unwind & Sleep Better
A must in our house is the Serenity restful blend which is great to diffuse at the end of a long day to help calm and destress and promote restful sleep.

Head Lice
One thing we haven’t had to deal with… yet… is those unwanted visitors, but there are several oils that can be used in a spray to help keep them at bay. Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is one of the most effective, but Lemongrass, Thyme and even Lavender can help. When we go out to big groups, I use my spray which is in a glass spray bottle filled with 20 drops of Tea Tree and Lemongrass in it, and then topped up with water. You need to shake it before each use, but this will keep hair clean and hitchhiker-free!

What other natural tips do you have for back to school ideas?