I went to a local mummies in business meetup today where we saw our first flurry of snow (while the rest of the country has lots, a flurry might be all we get!) and I met a lady called Hannah who was showcasing her business, and she had something I thought was a genius idea for my fellow Nature Mums too. So genius, I just had to share!

When Addie and Bear were both little, I used a babywearing wrap to carry them around everywhere I could, when the weather would allow. When it was cold, or raining, I used to either not bother or end up trying to use some kind of invention to keep them warm and dry.

So when I met Hannah today wearing her little one today in the freezing cold, with a beautiful hoodie over both of them, I thought it was a great idea, and both mum and little one looked very snug and comfy. In fact, as it turned out, Hannah is a clothing designer with her own brand of clothes called Loved Garms. I loved her ethos and approach – she makes practical and beautiful clothing for mums and children under 5, completely bespoke to your measurements and requirements… with soft fabrics, all with funky and amazing patterns too, which she sells through her Loved Garms Etsy Shop which you can see here.

Of her babywearing hoodie, Hannah told me that “the Darling Babywearing Hoodie is a made to measure fleece baby wearing hoodie, and is so warm and toasty! There’s a choice of normal hood or a twirly fairy hood. Both are a life saver on those drizzly school runs!” You can also have one made with no hood, so it can accommodate both front and back babywearing, and can be made in sizes from a 32″ chest and go all the way up to 60″ chest. And to top it off, because you can choose your fabric (which is so lovely and soft you might have people stroking you randomly!), Hannah can make this for men too as a custom order.

So for mummies who love to babywear their babies and toddlers, I have found a solution for you to get out and about when it is cold and drizzling and still wear your precious ones – the DARLING Babywearing Hoodie from Loved Garms!


I’m Hannah, a clothing designer from Bournemouth. I’m the face behind the label Loved Garms. This clothing label specifically caters for women and children up to pre-school age. The types of garments I make include dresses, leggings, and hoodies, I also have a range of breast-feeding, cloth bum and baby-wearing friendly garments.

I’m a mum of 2, I’m inspired by nature, and love being with my family. In a previous life, I was a gardener, but after having my second child, I’m keen to live at a slower pace and enjoy my children while they are still, well…children.

I started out making clothes as a hobby as I couldn’t find clothes I really loved in the shops, nothing wowed me. So, I set about making clothes to suit my family needs – easy care clothes with bright colours and funky patterns, some of which were breast-feeding and baby-wearing friendly. What I enjoy the most is creating confident feel good vibes with my clothes that also fulfil a purpose, I love playing with different patterns and colours.

There’s something special about having the option to choose your own fabric and what you would like it sewn into. The elation of having a garment that finally fits where ‘off the peg’ may not, for example finding a perfect fit for someone who is tall with wide hips and skinny ankles. So, if you have any specific garment/ sizing requests or fabric ideas, just pop it all down and I will do my best to accommodate.

Check out the Hoodie here.

Visit the Loved Garms Etsy Shop here.


Have you bought any Loved Garms for you or your children? And have you tried this babywearing hoodie? Let us have your testimonials!