When we were looking at the Woodland Trust’s website for the Tree ID app,  we came across the Invite a Tree to Tea fundraising idea, and applied for a pack. We got a message saying they were assessing our application so I wasn’t sure we would be accepted, but I got my happy email today to say our learning pack is on it’s way, yay!

So what is Invite a Tree to Tea?

It is a fun fundraising initiative to get people out into woodlands, enjoying nature, having a yummy picnic, doing some sponsored games and scavenger hunts and raising money for the Woodland Trust, with a very special guest of honour – a tree! I am going to let the children completely organise it themselves and just have fun.

And we love all the Woodland Trust’s resources for learning about nature, so we are really excited to give back to them by raising some money to support their work.


What is coming in our pack?

Actually, I have no idea until it arrives, but in the email was a link to some resources we could download straight away while we are waiting for our pack. The link gave us:

  • An overview of What it’s all about
  • Fundraising and planning tips
  • Money box template
  • Invitations
  • Spotter sheets (for sponsored spotting!)
  • Cake flags
  • Tasty picnic recipes
  • Cake dash game
  • Tree Party bunting
  • Finger puppet cards

So now all we have to do is to pick where we are going to invite friends and family to come and join us, and get planning and asking people to come. Oh and wait for the pack to arrive of course! I think a trip to the New Forest is in order, seeing as we live 7 miles away from it and, well, we love it there!

Where would you Invite a Tree to Tea? Apply for your own pack here.