On Sunday we went on a nature walk to the beautiful and picturesque Lymm Dam in Cheshire. You can find it on the A56 on the south side of the village of Lymm, and there is a great area to park on the road, and apparently a car park too (we parked on the road). It is approximately a 2-mile walk according to walkswithbuggies.com and the plan was to have a leisurely stroll, but Addie decided she needed to visit the toilet, so it was quicker than we had hoped.

I love Lymm Dam. We have been here before, and I mainly remembered the lake, the woodland carvings and the walk about half way round, so it was lovely to go back again.

The first part of our walk was along the edge of the dam, where people were feeding the ducks so we saw loads of them.

This is also the start of an orienteering trail, and just after the start there is a lovely view of the local church in the distance (it was really sunny and the lighting wasn’t quite right but it looked fine when I took it!).



When we started along the edge of the lake, we soon started seeing some great sculptures made in the trees. I particularly liked this man of the woods carving.

We saw lots of blackberries, although we didn’t eat any… a lot of them were quite low on the ground (so we avoid those in case dogs have peed on them!) and many were just ripening. It’s ok, we will leave them for others to harvest, and we will go to our local woods when we get home!

There was one area that I felt was¬†really magical. It was a cut off tree trunk, but I started imagining how it could be a great home for fairies and elves, and I was surprised at how drawn I was to that tree… What do you think? Maybe it is just me, but I imagined a great home for fairies!


Further down the path, Addie found a wall of moss which she loved feeling. A bit of moss came off and she marvelled at the “little tree” she was holding in her hand.


Bear is my climber, and having heard that his auntie (who is 11) couldn’t manage to climb the banks, he decided to give it a go, but also gave up. I think he would have done it if he had remembered to put on his trainers rather than flip flops!

We saw a lot of fungi on this side of the lake. Got to get out my fungi ID cards to work out what these beauties are…

When we got to the top point of the lake, there was a cute little bridge and waterfall. I didn’t remember this from my last visit, and it would have been nice to have spent a little time here looking at the waterfall…

I love waterfalls… but this is the point when Addie decided she needed to go (yes, she was meant to have gone before we left but was adamant she wouldn’t need it!) so we rushed past the waterfall and started round the rest of the lake.

The journey back to the road where we parked took us round the other side of the lake, and through some lovely picnic areas. There were also some information boards like this one about the wildlife at Lymm Dam. These boards will become a large part of our nature walks too so that they can appreciate and learn about the local area.

If we had been staying longer, I would have loved to go on the bat walk they had advertised… I love walking in the dark with bats flying over my head!

I loved looking at the sandstone rocks that were most prominent nearing the end of the walk. There was another information board about them.

At the end of the trail, I found a fairy door! Apparently there are many of these hidden around on the longer route we didn’t take because of the toilet emergency!

Verdict: We loved our walk around Lymm Dam, even if it was a little bit rushed. It is a magical and fun place, with loads of things to learn about and study. When the children are older, we will come back and spend a day doing a project on it. In the meantime, we will just enjoy the scenery and walk.